>Corey Wilson is a NRHA Professional and clinician, and competes in reining
events throughout the midwest.  Corey has over 22 years experience training and
showing horses.  Corey has worked for trainers across the US and developed a
program that reaches horses and riders of many disciplines and riding levels.  
Corey has been married to his wife, Hannah, for 16 years and they have a son,
Wyatt.  Together, the Wilsons, work to provide an environment where both the
horse and rider do not feel intimidated.  

>Corey meets each horse at their individual level and then builds on it.  His
training methods allow horses to learn and retain the correct responses to the
rider.  His methods build a foundation that can make different types of horses
successful in the show pen.  

>Corey's coaching style builds confidence and gives understanding into the
training" aspect.  This translates to riders and horses of different levels.  Corey
recognizes the owner's desire to have an enjoyable and successful experience
with their horse.

$40 per lesson
Group lessons available
Clinics scheduled through Contacts page

Training       $750        per month training/board
Hauling        $ .65        per mile / per horse hauled by WPH
Showing       $40         day/coaching fee / per day
Expenses                      Lodging divided between clients
Show Fees                   Shows charge stall, entries, bedding, office fees, etc
Winnings                       Split 50/50 owner/rider
Sale of Horses             10% commission on any horse sold through WPH
Veterinary Services      Billed directly to owner and due upon receipt
Farrier Services            Billed directly to owner and due upon receipt

Training is DUE on the 1st of each month.
Show fees including hotel, hauling, & day fees are due two weeks before each
show unless otherwise specified.
Any additional expenses incurred during a show will be billed and due upon return.
(prices subject to change)
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